HEAVENN is a large-scale programme of demo projects bringing together core elements: production, distribution, storage and local end-use of hydrogen (H2) into a fully-integrated and functioning Hydrogen Valley (H2V), that can serve as a blueprint for replication across Europe and beyond. The projects within the HEAVENN programme are divided into four clusters: Chemical Park Delfzijl, Storage and Built Environment, Emmen Industry, and Green Mobility. The HEAVENN projects are supported by and connected to various studies. Finally, best practices and lessons learned are being collected and translated into a replication model.

All projects:

Trailers and trailerfill

Partners involved: HyEnergy TransStore

H2 for heat in Hoogeveen

Partners involved: Municipality of Hoogeveen

Bytesnet data centre

Partners involved: Bytesnet, H2Tec

Infrastructure Emmen

Partners involved: GETEC, Gasunie


Partners involved: GETEC

H2 Refueling Stations

Partners involved: Total

H2 Qliners and Vans

Partners involved: Qbuzz

Complementary Studies

Partners involved: University of Groningen, Gasunie, Groningen Seaports, EBN, Hyenergy Consultancy, Enercy, NAM

Study: H2 Production Scale Up for HyNL

Partners involved: ENGIE