Studies & Replication

The HEAVENN projects are supported by and connected to various studies. Preparatory work is being done for the repurposing of existing natural gas pipelines for hydrogen and the usage of new thermoplastic pipelines. In an exploratory study, the possibilities of installing a liquid hydrogen plant in the Eemshaven/Delfzijl region are being investigated, combined with market studies of transporting green hydrogen to neighbouring regions. A techno-economic analysis is being preformed on the development of an integrated Hydrogen Valley business model. All studies are united in a roadmap to 2050, developed with the support of PhD students at University of Groningen.

The Hydrogen Valley concept demonstrates the potential of hydrogen and fuel cells as key technologies for the transition to green hydrogen in Europe. Best practices and lessons learned from HEAVENN are being collected and translated into a model. The value of international cooperation is enhanced to increase the market size and create economies of scale. Consequently, better value of invested capital is facilitated and investments are being de-risked. Ultimately, this will result in showcasing and spreading commercial fuel cell hydrogen solutions to other regions in Europe and beyond.

Projects in this cluster: