Storage & built environment

Within this cluster, research is being conducted to determine which technologies are suitable for the storage and supply of hydrogen. For instance, a small-scale underground hydrogen storage test is being conducted at EnergyStock in Veendam, where the HyStock facility is already operational (1,1 MW) and producing green hydrogen. This is the first time that such a test is carried out in the Netherlands.

In addition, 100 new homes are being developed in Hoogeveen (Nijstad-Oost) with a 100% hydrogen supply, and 250 homes in Erflanden are being converted from natural gas to hydrogen. The hydrogen will be delivered by trailers. Due consideration is being given to social acceptance of the deployment and use of these systems.

Finally, the Bytesnet data centre will be fitted with an emergency power supply that is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. If this proves to be effective, a new market may arise for hydrogen in data centres. Data centres in the Netherlands cannot easily be expanded due to limitations of the electricity grid. This market can be developed further if a hydrogen fuel cell can be demonstrated to provide data centres with a reliable electricity supply.

Projects in this cluster: