Chemical Park Delfzijl

The activities and projects within this cluster take place in the Eemshaven-Delfzijl region, prominently at Chemical Park Delfzijl. The supply of green hydrogen for the production of green methanol (20 MW) and the production of green kerosene at SkyNRG (50-60 MW) is facilitated. Furthermore, the infrastructure that supplies electricity to electrolysers is supported. A so-called trailer outlet is also being completed, enabling green hydrogen to be loaded onto trailers and transported to users in the region. Finally, a hydrogen-powered barge is being built, which involves the deployment of a hydrogen fuel cell emergency power supply to demonstrate its market application (for a zero emission shore-based power supply).

Projects in this cluster:

Infrastructure Chemical Park Delfzijl

Partners involved: Groningen Seaports

Trailers and trailerfill

Partners involved: HyEnergy TransStore