Project partners:

A replication study of HEAVENN will be carried out by Aragon Hydrogen Association (FHA), in collaboration with Hydrogen Valley Denmark, EMEC, EWE, Hydrogen Ireland and ERIG. The follower territories are Denmark, Aragon, Orkney, Northwest Germany and Ireland.

The basic parameters for replication will be assessed and selected initially in Year 1, so they can be provided to the follower territory for feedback early in the project. This initial assessment will need to take into account for instance local factors such as electricity, natural gas and transport fuel prices, electricity mix (existing and planned), availability of curtailed renewable energy sources, government renewable tariffs, heat and transport subsidies, etc. The followers will participate in the definition of end-user requirements and an appropriate common methodology to create a replication model based on the information generated by HEAVENN, and facilitate replication in their respective territory.

The replication model will be tested with data provided from the follower territories, taking into account energy demand and final end-use across different sectors (e.g. industry, transport, heat and power, adapted to each follower country/region), and existing and planned electricity and gas infrastructure. The model assessment will take into account scenarios with and without FCH JU and other public support e.g. support for Cap-Ex, Op-Ex and other potential public subsidies. The ultimate objective from the replication task is to enhance the value of international cooperation to increase the market size and create economies of scale, facilitating better value of future invested capital and de-risking investment across several EU regions.

In combination with the dissemination work done in the HEAVENN programme, the result of cooperation with follower partner regions will be to showcase and ultimately spread commercial fuel-cell H2 solutions to other regions across Europe, thereby maximizing the impact of the H2-based integrated energy approach developed and tested by HEAVENN.

Connections are made with other Green Hydrogen projects, e.g. Big Hit and Green Hylands.

Project partners: