Study: H2 Production Scale Up for HyNL

The 100 MWe ENGIE H2 plant has the objective to be a fast-track large-scale demonstration project to trigger the H2 market in the Northern Netherlands, and to demonstrate the bankability, scalability and replicability potential at the site, region and throughout EU. In this webinar you will learn more about the long-term H2 roadmap at the Eemshaven project, and how this H2 plant can produce 1.85 GWe by early 2030.

The HyNetherlands project (HyNL) aims at developing, building and operating one of the first large scale renewable power to e-methanol production plants in Europe and is in addition focused on delivering renewable-based hydrogen to the local mobility, industry and other sectors. Although most of the technological bricks of HyNL project have in recent years achieved and demonstrated technological maturity, integrating those bricks in a series of complex processes has not been proven yet and is considered a major innovation needed for scaling up.

Watch the webinar on this study here.

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