28 november 2022

Watch back: webinar ‘Roadmap to a GW hydrogen plant’

Last week the HyNetherlands team organized a webinar together with HEAVENN. During the webinar the team gave an in-depth look into the HyNL study report, shared last Summer, and gave participants the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the results with ENGIE Project Manager Grégory Bartholomé, Technical Manager Kristof Witvrouwen and Hydrogen Architect Louise de Vos.

Since 2019, ENGIE is an active partner in the HEAVENN project. The main goal of HEAVENN, which successfully submitted a proposal for FCH-JU -Horizon 2020, is to make use of green hydrogen across the entire value chain, while developing replicable business models for wide-scale commercial deployment of H2 across the entire regional energy system. By sharing our lessons learned, and our experience gained in the HyNetherlands project, with partners within the HEAVENN project, we can maximize the integration of the value-chain in the Hydrogen Valley of the Northern Netherlands.

End of last Summer we shared our final report for HEAVENN. Although ENGIE / HyNetherlands has completed its deliverable for the project (the final report), the team remains involved and will continue to contribute where possible in the development of the hydrogen valley in the North of the Netherlands.

Are you interested in what the HyNetherlands team has faced in the first years of developing this hydrogen project and what the learning points are? Watch the webinar here.