Your door-to-door co pilot No matter what your destination may be, which method of transport you wish to use, during your journey you are in control. That is Qbuzz. They are your door-to-door co pilot. From the minute you decide to take a trip till you actually arrive at your destination, they offer control over the entire journey without any fuss. Qbuzz’s mobility services exceed the offer of one service or line. They present a journey. They think ahead and along with you; béfore you enter one of our buses and dúring the ride, even after your leave their bus. Qbuzz offers a travel plan, with advice about mobility services, the costs and permanent on route assistance. They aim for an A+ and are only satisfied when you look forward to travelling with Qbuzz again.

The organisation is an ambitious and innovative quality player in the Dutch regional mobility market. Therefore their goal is to spend public funds most effectively and sustainably. They have an open relationship with the public transport authorities and constantly search for the best way to provide mobility services in line with communal and social needs. To reach this goal Qbuzz is organized differently from their competitors. Thes choose specifically for regional offices, with short communication lines within the company and in close proximity with their customers.

More information: https://www.qbuzz.nl