New Energy Coalition

New Energy Coalition brings parties together to create partnerships that accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy economy. With plenty of jobs and suitable education.

These collaborations – ‘coalitions’ as we call them – consist of companies, government authorities and knowledge institutions. New Energy Coalition has varying roles in these coalitions, from organiser, coordinator to knowledge partner. Besides connecting parties and forming coalitions, we share the knowledge gained in the coalitions with the outside world.

Research, innovation and human capital

Expertise in research, innovation and education have come together and combined in New Energy Coalition, as have the networks in the business community, government parties and knowledge institutes. In ‘Innovation’, our focus is on System Integration and Green Molecules. ‘Research’ looks at the legal and social consequences of innovations. The availability of well-trained personnel is a critical success factor for the energy transition. Under ‘Human Capital’, players are brought together to create, connect and share relevant knowledge and skills (inter)nationally.

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