Lenten Scheepvaart

Lenten Scheepvaart B.V. is a Dutch IWT-entrepreneur and a full member of the Dutch vessel owner’s cooperation NPRC. His main objective is the efficient and sustainable transport of mass goods, break-bulk of containers by IWT-transport.

Lenten Scheepvaart B.V. has experienced to building of new IWT vessels two times before in 2002 and 2008. The Hydrogen salt vessel is the third new shipbuilding project of Lenten Scheepvaart B.V.

Lenten Scheepvaart B.V. has a long term relationship with NPRC and has for more than ten years experience with the salt transport for Nobian (formerly called AkzoNobel).

In collaboration with NPRC Lenten Scheepvaart B.V. provides safe and sustainable transport of salt for over ten years.

Lenten Scheepvaart B.V. likes to take the challenge to maintain the safest and most sustainable barge in the European IWT fleet.

More information: https://www.wevaproject.nl/en/lenten-scheepvaart/