HyEnergy TransStore

Ian Williamson founded HyEnergy back in 2014 because he felt there was a gap in the market for a commercially focussed consultancy within the hydrogen sector. From their beginnings in the industrial gas sector, they had grown to work with many sector stakeholders – including industry, local/regional public sector organisations and national governments. He rapidly found customers who valued such skills and the range of services offered extended. Today HyEnergy has a core team and a group of experienced associate consultants who help flex our capabilities as need demand.

HyEnergy believes hydrogen will play a key role in creating a clean sustainable future. They have the necessary know-how and skill set to engage with stakeholders who are new to hydrogen and its potential. The organisation helps transfer world class knowledge into organisations to realise hydrogen’s potential for products and projects. They will continue to identify opportunities within the market, participating themselves where they feel they can add significant value. HyEnergy’s first such venture is the establishment of their TransStore company.

More information: https://hy-energy.co.uk/