Green Planet

A unique multi-fuel filling station

At Green Planet in Pesse, we offer various low- and zero-emission fuels and energy carriers for both trucks and cars, in addition to traditional fuels. We are also active in a large number of innovative projects, we have an extensive shop and good catering facilities and a Seats2Meet area for meetings and flexible working.

We believe that hydrogen is the future. The advantages of driving on hydrogen are countless: it is easy to store and transport, it can be produced locally and the stock is inexhaustible. And the best thing: hydrogen is suitable for cars and for (heavy) transport. It is therefore not surprising that we are one of the parties within the HEAVENN project.

Hydrogen chain in the region

All the advantages of hydrogen come together in the HEAVENN project. We will not only produce green hydrogen in the Northern Netherlands, we will also store, transport and use it in industry, mobility and the built environment. In this way we connect the entire hydrogen chain in the region.

Refueling with hydrogen

Green Planet participates in various ways within this Hydrogen Valley. Of course as a multi-fuel filling station. Hydrogen cars and hydrogen trucks will soon be able to fill up with hydrogen in Pesse.


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