Making innovation a part of everyday life is EWE’s objective on the energy market, and to achieve this we need to forge new paths. They have many ideas about how they would like to shape the energy revolution, how their customers can play a role in it, and how they can make the lives of their customers easier.

Setting the course for tomorrow, today
Our current circumstances make it clear that the only way we can protect the environment for future generations is to change our lifestyles and adopt a more sustainable approach. EWE is working on many different approaches and solutions to help us on this journey.

Science shows us that there is no single solution to slow down climate change; multiple approaches are needed. EWE recognises the multiplicity required and focuses on multi-faceted solutions, such as renewable energies from wind energy and solar power, storing these energies in hydrogen, and strengthening new approaches to mobility.

EWE tries out unconventional approaches, apply modern working methods and forge alliances with partners that complement their capabilities, and innovate in order to seize the opportunities presented by digitalisation. This culture of innovation enables them to develop the speed and strength to transform their knowledge into successful solutions.

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