The plastics and polymer industry is undergoing a radical change. Decarbonisation, digitalisation and a dynamic value chain are playing a decisive role in strategic decision-making and the future development of companies. In addition to production efficiency, the sustainability of the product, combined with its affordability, is an absolute priority. Especially in the plastics industry, which is subject to a high level of institutional and social interest, companies are increasingly willing to concentrate on their core business. In order to do this, they need service companies able to provide a full range of utilities and services efficiently and economically.

With its existing competence network and the highest industrial concentration in the northern Netherlands, GETEC PARK.EMMEN offers the best conditions in this respect. The activities at GETEC PARK.EMMEN focus on innovative fibers, composites and plastics made from virgin or recycled sources. The trends and developments in biobased chemistry for high-quality applications of biopolymers make GETEC PARK.EMMEN unique. We also support the energy transition with innovative concepts, such as the use of hydrogen or biogas to generate energy.

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