Established in 2003, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) is the world’s leading test facility for marine energies. EMEC has expanded activities into hydrogen production, using Orkney’s renewable energy to generate green hydrogen. EMEC supports the development of a green hydrogen economy and is a partner in a number of hydrogen R&D projects.

EMEC’s projects/activities in HEAVENN

With onshore green hydrogen production at EMEC’s Caldale site on the island of Eday and a growing infrastructure network enabling the hydrogen to be stored, transported and used locally, the Orkney Islands have become a leading example of a developing hydrogen economy ‘learning by doing’ and offering a living laboratory for hydrogen technologies to be demonstrated within the local energy system. 

EMEC’s role in HEAVENN is focused on developing a replication strategy to stimulate deployments of renewable energy coupled with fuel cell and hydrogen generation in other isolated or grid-constrained territories. This strategy will utilise EMEC’s experience and key learnings from the BIG HIT (Building Innovative Green Hydrogen Systems in Isolated Territory) project, which aims to create hydrogen territory in the Orkney by implementing a fully integrated model of hydrogen production, storage, transportation and utilisation for heat, power and transport.

Within HEAVENN, EMEC will support with scoping out and defining hydrogen end user requirements as well as developing a methodology to create the replication model which will be applied to all the chosen territories. The final aim of the replication strategy is to use Orkney and the other selected territories as a testing ground before implementing the solutions to other European regions.

More information: http://www.emec.org.uk/projects/hydrogen-projects/