Energie Beheer Nederland (ENB) sees it as their responsibility to make a contribution to society’s ambitions in relation to the climate. They do this by making a contribution to making the traditional gas value chain more sustainable. Throughout the chain, EBN can use its influence by bringing parties together and by contributing capital, infrastructure, knowledge and expertise in actual projects. In respect of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, EBN has an advisory role due to its knowledge of the subsurface and the gas value/energy value chain.

EBN wants to use its operating activities to make a substantial contribution to reduction of CO2 and a carbon-neutral energy system. At this point in time, natural gas still has a share of around 40 per cent of our energy consumption. EBN will continue to support the extraction of natural gas in the Netherlands as long as there is still demand for it within the country. This means that less gas needs to be imported, which is beneficial on several fronts, including the carbon footprint. At the same time, EBN is committed to bolstering the geothermal energy sector and accelerating the development of geothermal energy. EBN is also active in the development of CO2 storage. EBN is exploring the opportunities for underground energy storage and other building blocks for sustainability, such as the development and production of hydrogen and green gas. In this way EBN is energising the transition towards a carbon-neutral energy system in 2050.

More information: https://www.ebn.nl