Bytesnet is the foundation of the digital society. We live in the digital age. The global network that provides us with all our information is getting better, faster and smarter every day. People, products and systems exchange information 24×7 and revolutionary results are being achieved with the help of data. Artificial Intelligence will enable our doctors to make faster and better diagnoses, saving lives. Computer-controlled cars, by collecting data on driving behaviour from millions of riders worldwide, will learn to react better than welsh drivers anywhere on earth. And we are only at the beginning of this digital revolution with technology serving humans.

What does Bytesnet do?
They deliver their customers’ digital infrastructure with services in Colocation, High Performance Computing, Cloud and Connectivity.

As a 100% Dutch company, they offer full transparency and control over your data. They are close and accessible and mainly active in the public-private domain.

How do they work?
Bytesnet believes in collaboration where people (get to) know each other personally and therefore act proactively.

Trusting the Dutch innovative strength of companies, education and science, they store, unlock and distribute data in their data centres, your data centre(s), third-party data centres and the cloud.

They are down-to-earth and entrepreneurial with a strong focus on security and sustainability.

What do they do it for?
They believe that the power of data, together with the decisiveness of people, can lead to a sustainable and better world tomorrow.

They like to contribute to this with their services, through our innovation(s) and improving energy performance throughout the chain. Bytesenet sees this as the only sustainable way to let the growth in data, make a positive contribution to our digital society.

In doing so, they show how the world of tomorrow can already be put into practice today.

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