29 november 2022

Waddenfonds and Province of Groningen invest over €1.9 million in Hydrogen Hub Delfzijl

Waddenfonds and the Province of Groningen are allocating over €1.9 million for the development of a hydrogen hub near Chemie Park Delfzijl. Groningen’s contribution comes from the provincial programme of Nationaal Programma Groningen. The hydrogen hub, a project of the HEAVENN programme, will provide companies in and around Delfzijl with green hydrogen. This will make it easier for them to switch to this sustainable energy carrier in the future and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. Realisation will start in 2023. If the hub is successful, the knowledge and experience gained in Delfzijl will also be applied in other Wadden Sea ports.

The total cost of Hydrogen Hub Delfzijl is over €8.1 million. In addition to Waddenfonds and the Province of Groningen, the State and the European Union are also contributing financially. HyEnergy TransStore will finance the remaining part and take care of the realisation of the hydrogen hub.

Renewable energy 24 hours a day
At the hydrogen hub, green hydrogen is compressed and temporarily stored. In hydrogen transport trailers, this compressed hydrogen is then distributed by road to customers. The hub is there for both large companies and SMEs. The goal is that in the near future companies will have this environmentally friendly energy carrier available 24 hours a day. For many companies, this is an important precondition for making a definitive switch to green hydrogen. The hydrogen hub contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and thus to a cleaner living environment. The location near the Chemie Park Delfzijl is eminently suitable for this hydrogen project, as hydrogen is already being produced here and there are prospects for more hydrogen production in the future.

“If this pilot succeeds, there is a good chance that more Wadden Sea ports will want such a hydrogen hub. That would great. Because Waddenfonds strives for a sustainable economy throughout the Wadden region” said Waddenfonds director Gerben Huisman.

Member of the Provincial Executive of Groningen Melissa van Hoorn: “As the Province of Groninen we are taking an important step in making heavy mobility and industry with the Hydrogen Hub Delfzijl. It will make it easier for companies to switch to green hydrogen as a sustainable energy source. This ensures cleaner air and less noise pollution and also offers new employment opportunities in many sectors, such as energy and industry. The hydrogen hub contributes to a more sustainable, cleaner and economically stronger Groningen!”

“We are very pleased with this financial support from Nationaal Programma Groningen and Waddenfonds,” indicates entrepreneur Edward Doorten, co-owner of HyEnergy TransStore. “The hydrogen economy is still in its infancy, so we need to invest heavily to take off. This support helps us do that. Because without hydrogen hubs no hydrogen economy”.