15 november 2023

Royal visit for the MS Antonie Ship

Zero-emission ship MS Antonie was yesterday honoured with a visit from his Majesty King Willem-Alexander in Duisburg. Inland shipping operator Harm Lenten gave the King a tour on his Hydrogen Electric Ship Antonie (Waterstof Elektrische Vrachtschip Antonie – WEVA). This is the world’s first new-build hydrogen-powered inland vessel that proves that hydrogen is a viable solution for clean and quiet water transportation of goods. HEAVENN partners NPRC, Harm Lenten, HyEnergy TransStore, H2TEC and HyCC are involved in this task to move towards emission-free inland shipping.

The King’s visit to MS Antonie is part of a working visit to Germany during which he will visit several hydrogen-related businesses and institutes in the region North Rhine-Westphalia. At the same time, an economic hydrogen mission is taking place in the region as the Netherlands and Germany are working closely together to boost the hydrogen economy.

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