14 juni 2023

HEAVENN part of hydrogen mission in Spain

Yesterday, HEAVENN was part of the hydrogen mission in Madrid, Spain headed by H.M. King Willem-Alexander. During the mission, HEAVENN was represented by Marieke Abbink-Pellenbarg, CEO of New Energy Coalition which coordinates the programme.

The purpose of the trip was to emphasize the importance of hydrogen as an important energy carrier in the energy system of the future and to further strengthen and concretise cooperation in the field of hydrogen. Besides HEAVENN, several Dutch companies and knowledge institutions participated in the visit, such as HEAVENN partners Groningen Airport Eelde, Gasunie and University of Groningen.

International cooperation on knowledge exchange, stimulating supply and demand and building infrastructure for hydrogen transport and storage is essential to develop the hydrogen market and the infrastructure it requires. Spain will become a major supplier of green hydrogen in Europe; hydrogen can then be exported to northwestern Europe via Spanish and Dutch ports. Import and export corridors within Europe contribute to stronger security of supply.