9 juni 2023

Follow the developments of Antonie

As of now, the WEVA project has its own website. WEVA stands for Waterstof Elektrisch Vrachtschip Antonie (Hydrogen Electric Cargo Vessel Antonie) and is a demo project working towards the realisation of the world’s first new-build green hydrogen-powered vessel. Currently, the Antonie is still being completed, but from the end of July this year, the green hydrogen-powered vessel will start transporting salt between Rotterdam and Delfzijl under the flag of Nobian. The Antonie replaces 120 trucks per sailing, as it can carry approximately 3,850 tonnes of salt. HEAVENN partners NPRC, Harm Lenten, HyEnergy TransStore, H2TEC and HyCC are working on WEVA to move towards emission-free inland shipping. Follow the developments of the WEVA project now via wevaproject.nl.